Elangeni Rhodesian Ridgebacks

The First Females Of Elangeni

These Ridgebacks were the start and foundation of Elangeni.
It is to th
em that we owe all the beautiful dogs that we have today.

Australian Champion
LWillows Sophie Lee

" Sophie "

Sophie was our foundation bitch and the doggie love of our lives. She was a very pretty bitch who knew just how lucky we were to have her.


Australian Champion
LWillows Betty Boo

" Betty "

Betty was a half sister to Sophie and our second bitch. She was an extremely elegant bitch and to date we still run two bitch lines descended from Betty and Sophie and their "partner" Yindi- giving us the dogs we have today.

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Daryl, Linda & Emma Friedland
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 4774 9408
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