Elangeni Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Puppy Information

All Elangeni pups are selectively bred from healthy, sound parents who have proven themselves as Show and Breeding dogs.


All Elangeni pups are Dermoid Sinus checked from birth to eight weeks. They are vet checked on day one of their lives and then again at six weeks of age when they are vaccinated and microchipped. All Elangeni pups are wormed weekly and are started on Heartworm Treatment at six weeks of age. All pups are registered with Dogs NSW and all pups have their purebred pedigree registration papers. All Elangeni pups have parents who are hip and elbow scored. At Elangeni we produce our own comprehensive information book which covers the many areas of successfully and positively raising a pup.

Elangeni pups that grow into sound, good looking and well behaved adults are the true strength of our breeding program. Pups are sometimes available to the discerning buyer, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to discuss our dogs!

Family Pets that are not to be shown or bred from have LIMIT REGISTER papers - these pedigree papers are orange in colour. They are a record of your dogs pedigree. Dogs purchased with Limit Register papers cannot be shown or bred from. All family pets that will not be shown or bred from come with orange paperwork. MAIN REGISTER papers - these pedigree papers are blue in colour. They are a record of your dogs pedigree, dogs purchased with Main Register papers can be shown or bred from. We would advise that Main Register papers (in our prefix) come with the responsibility of ensuring that your dog is shown before you would consider breeding from it. Breeding is a huge undertaking and responsibilty.

Contact Details

Daryl, Linda & Emma Friedland
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 4774 9408
Email : [email protected]