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2011 Travel Report

We were asked to write a report of our trip for the very first issue of the European Ridgeback Magazine, so here it is in it's entirity.

We are Daryl, Linda and Emma Friedland of Elangeni Rhodesian Ridgebacks, based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We were thrilled to be asked to write a report of our 2011 trip and experiences for this fabulous publication. Elangeni has been breeding and exhibiting Rhodesian Ridgebacks for over 20 years. To our credit we have, bred and owned, 30 Australian Champions, Multiple Australian Grand Champions, Asian and European Champions and Multiple Best and Runner Up Best in Show winners for both Specialty and All Breeds Shows. Currently in Australia, 4XBISS MBIS MRUBIS Grand Ch. Elangeni Dream (Duke) is the equal Breed Record holder for Specialty Best in Shows in Australia. Last year in Europe saw two of our exports, MBISS MRUBISS International SWD DAN FIN NORD NORW FRN LITH Ch. Elangeni BraveheartRules (Exp SWD) (Eros) and BISS FRN Ch. Elangeni Lion OutOf Africa (Exp FRN) (Gary) win Best in Show Specialty, as well as multiple Group Placements and a total of 7 Champion Titles between them.
We left Sydney in the early hours of Thursday, 23rd June, travelling with our close friend, Renee Davies of Rhodepark Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Pharaoh Hounds. Much to our delight we discovered that fellow Australians, Sue Temlett (Nkazimlo Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and Helen Mosslar (Kysaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks) were not only on the same flight, but sitting in the same row! After a funny 2 day stopover in Singapore and an even funnier 2 day stay in Denmark, we arrived in sunny Sweden. We were met by our dear friends, Caroline Graflund (African Braveheart Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and Maria Kierkegaard Lundström (Kennel RidgeRules), who brought along their even dearer dogs, Eros (MBISS MRUBISS International SWD DAN FIN NORD NORW FRN LITH Ch. Elangeni BraveheartRules (Imp AUST)) and Navy (BISS SWD NORW POL Ch. Rijstone Aussie Rules (Imp AUST)). Having bred Eros and having owned Navy’s father, Hugo (AUST Grand Ch. Kargnieulan Hugo A Gogo) it was wonderful to have some RR relatives waiting to welcome us!

Being Linda’s third and Emma’s second trip to Sweden, we were keen to eat, drink and be Swedish! After a few days of catching up, sightseeing and settling in, we were back to the early Dog Show starts from home and off to the Swedish RR Shows. Friday’s Show was wonderfully warm and fantastically run, as were Saturday and Sunday. After many happy reunions with friends, including fellow Australians, Di Brennan (Huntingridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and Karen Tapody, we sat to watch the Judging. Two lovely dogs were awarded top honours by two judges on Friday. After the completion of Judging of the Puppies on Saturday we were able to see our most beloved friend, Linda Parke (Veldtkammer Rhodesian Ridgebacks) - lots of laughs and drinking followed!
The following two day Specialty Show was judged by an Australian who awarded our own Eros, Best in Show and the beautiful Best in Show winner from Friday, was Best Opposite Sex. It was fantastic to be there and to be able to actually watch our breeding be awarded such a tremendous honour. We couldn’t have been prouder and there were many a tear shed that night over speeches.
A week more in Sweden and we caught our flight to Paris, we were met by yet another dear friend, Christian Jouanchicot (Out Of Africa Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Basenjis), another happy reunion and then off to Christian’s house for more catching up, after dropping our bags of at the quaint hotel where we would be staying during the World Dog Show and French Specialty Show. While at Christian’s we also reunited with another RR relative, Gary (BISS FRN Ch. Elangeni Lion OutOf Africa (Imp AUST)), he was very excited to see us and we him.

Having been to previous World Dog Shows we were eagerly awaiting the first day to arrive... so we could go shopping! After two heavy days of shopping, pointing, laughing and of course dog watching, Friday night saw us reunite with our wonderful Swedish and German friends. Suddenly it was Saturday and it was time for the RRs to be judged at the French National Show, held in conjunction with the World Dog Show. Finding the ring was a bit confusing for quite a few of us, but we found it and settled in on time to watch. Saturday night was a fabulous reunion dinner with fabulous friends! Another early start on Sunday, after another late night, saw us again at the Ridgeback ring for the World Dog Show Judging of the RRs. It was thrilling for us that Eros was the Sire of the 2011 Junior World Winner!
We were very happy to be able to watch such a quality entry of Ridgebacks. We are always envious of the variety, depth and uniformity of the dogs that can be seen at a Dog Show in Europe. It is not a privilege that we in Australia are able to have because of our isolation; we generally do not compete with dogs out of our own State (New South Wales for example) unless we choose to travel for a particular Show. Australia is a huge vast country, you can travel over 10 hours and still be inside your own State, having not yet even crossed a border. Having the ability to compete with dogs from different countries every weekend is something we can only dream of! To say we are proud of our Elangeni dog’s achievements amongst the quality of the dogs in Europe is an understatement.
Best in Show on Sunday at the World Dog was a fabulous event and amazing to watch! We thoroughly enjoyed heading to the main arena everyday for Group Judging, the different breeds that we don’t see and the Breeder Teams were a particular highlight for us. Monday morning dawned bright and clear, with another early start as we headed of to the French Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty. The judging was split and the Show was judged by two Australians, to be outdoors in the glorious French sun on the French countryside was fantastic after four long days inside! Exhibitors and their dogs all enjoyed the opportunity of being able to mingle in the more relaxed atmosphere. There was a charming dinner at the completion of the Show, held in the house of the watermill on the grounds. A lovely three course meal with lots of wine, laughter, stories and of course RR chatter completed the picture.

After lots of sad farewells to friends the next morning, we headed up to Paris for six days to be tourists. After being in France for almost a week, Emma and Renee were very excited to finally see the real Eiffel Tower, after having mistaken every power tower for the Eiffel Tower. After a beautiful stay in Paris with lots of museum, churches, art galleries, the Lido, shopping, short blacks and pastries, Emma and Renee began the trek home back to Australia, with over 30 kilos of luggage each. Daryl and Linda headed back to Sweden the next day for a further ten days of being Swedish, consisting mostly of eating, eating and eating. Sadly as it always does, the time comes to say goodbye, and head on home. Our plans are already underway for the next World Dog Show.

2009 Travel Report

In June 2009, we travelled again to the other side of the world to view Ridgebacks. Our first Shows were in Douai, France.

There we watched the French RR Show where dogs from copious European countries competed for the top awards. We were so very happy to see our homebred boy Elangeni BraveheartRules (Eros) win the French CAC that is only given out once a year! While still in Douai, we viewed another 2 days of International Dog Shows, getting to see beautiful RRs and other breeds from most countries in Europe.


We met up and travelled in France with, Caroline and Maria, their super husbands and dogs. In Douai we met new friends from many countries with Ridgebacks, with whom we keep in close contact as we aim to continue to breed superb RRs. One of the highlights of this part of the trip was being with English and European Breeders and Judges; sharing meals, drinks and a common interest of good quality dogs.


After leaving Douai we travelled to Paris where we saw the sights and had a wonderful time with some dear friends, a highlight was travelling to Giverny to see Monet’s garden. When our time in France was over we flew to Sweden to be with friends and to go to more Dog Shows. Whilst in Sweden we attended the International Dog Show in Koping; where we had the great thrill of seeing Eros win Best in Group 2 against some outstanding dogs.


We also attended the RR Show where again we had the pleasure and excitement of seeing Eros place in the Top 10 dogs at the Specialty Show. Lots of good food, wine and exceptional company made this particular weekend a super one! Scandinavia has some outstanding examples of Ridgebacks and we are always very humbled and proud of Eros’s achievements in such good company.

2008 Travel Report

In February, Caroline & Maria came to visit us and to meet Hugo (BISS Grand Ch. Kargnieulan Hugo A Gogo) whilst they were out here from Sweden looking at RRs- Hugo is the sire of Maria’s Rijstone import.

At the time we had 2 litters of 7 week old pups that were running around; Caroline leant into a moving mob of puppies and pulled out one. By the end of that weekend the love affair was cemented, all the girls had to do was to charm their boys and let them know a pup was heading for Stockholm!


The girls offered us accommodation and their wonderful company in Stockholm to visit Eros, to see The World Show and The World Show RR Specialty, so we booked our tickets and looked forward to June. Daryl stayed at home with the dogs happy to have some peace and quiet! It was great to be greeted by the girls and their Aussie imports. It got even better when we were introduced to their husbands, the very special Mats and Robert.


At the World Show RR Specialty we had the privilege of watching Judge Anna Lane from Australia Judge over 250 RRs from over 14 countries over 2 days. Best in Show was Swedish Ch African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill. The show was extra special for us because Caroline’s beautiful Shona (DkUCh, EeCh, EsCh,  FinUCh, GiCh, IntCh, LVCh, NordUCh, SUCh, SVCh, NUCh Shona the African Spirit of Ishtar) went Bitch CC and Runner Up Best in Show.


The next day at The World Show we had the privilege yet again of watching over 250 dogs in 3 rings being Judged on the same day, there we also had the company of fellow Aussie RR travellers; John and Toni Comerford (Ridgesetter) and Steve Cogdonotto and Sue Cameron – Cogdonotto (Ozrhode.) Throw in another great win at The World Dog Show- Best in Show Brace 2 for Kennel African Braveheart.

Whilst away, we had the pleasure of seeing and meeting most of Europe and Scandinavia’s top winning dogs. Seeing them in action being exhibited was also a thrill. We went across to England for a stay with Linda and Mike and all the beautiful dogs at Veldtkammer.

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